I am having trouble embedding one of Michael Jackson's videos, so I decided to opt for the second best thing: the inmates of the Cebu Provincial Rehabilitation and Detention Center (Philippines) dancing to "Thiller". Don't miss the pony-tailed man playing the frightened woman at the beginning of the video.

Seriously, though, it is really sad that he passed right before a huge comeback was scheduled in London. It is also really touching to hear of all the celebrity tributes and eulogies. (Farah, I am sorry you had your day of remembrance upstaged!).

See all of Michael's videos on YouTube here.

UPDATE: The prisoners are at it again! They have staged a huge tribute to Michael which you can watch here.

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  1. Where do you find these videos!? Amazing. Thank you for posting it. My first rock concert was MJ's Thriller tour when I was 8 years old - I went with a babysitter. It was a momentous experience for sure.