Much to the despair of the "decor" themed blogging world, the home decorating magazine Domino is shutting down production, with March 2009 being its last issue.

I am torn.  On the one hand Domino opened my eyes to a lot of cool interiors, designers and ideas.  On the other hand I am frustrated with every blogger talking about how Domino was one of the few magazine willing to showcase affordable design.  Affordable my ass!  Where $1000 ottoman seemed expensive last year, it seems irresponsible/financially reckless to promote now.

So yes, I am sad that Domino is going under.  Maybe, however, someone will learn from this (fingers crossed) and use the highlights of Domino (bright, intelligent, personable design) and strap it into a more financially feasible price range.  Or maybe could they just bring back Blueprint Magazine, the Martha Stewart Co. work of decorating genius that, sadly, now doesn't even exist in blog form?

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