I have recently been feeling that I am not quite stylish enough for New York.  It seems that everywhere I go the women around me have really cute, put-together, chic clothes on.  This seems particularly true since I am in the arts; art people seem to dress with a little more panache on the whole than many other professions (feel free to protest this blanket statement in the comments section).

The bottom line?  This evening I revisited the Anthropologie website after a long hiatus.  I found this cute little number on sale.  I think it would look pretty snazzy with a little cardigan sweater.  Would do you think?

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  1. It's an inevitable feeling to have in New York. When I lived in New York briefly, I started to focus on other people at times to make myself feel's that for awful! Anyways, I think you are quite stylish but I do think that dress would be super cute on you :)