I watched this video for the first time over the holiday and, well, despite my enormous amounts of exam-time work I cannot stop watching it.  The reasons are as follows:
A: Beyonce has the most amazing legs (she's the next Tina Turner!), hair, eyes, body . . . basically, she's my idol.
B: Each one of the dance moves is incredibly silly (see the Justin Timberlake SNL parody here; make sure you scroll to the 4 minute mark, unless you want to see a very funny weekend update with Justin also) but Beyonce makes them look incredibly hot.  
C: I secretly (or not so secretly) want to bust this out in the club. Not sure if I could pull it off though . . . anyone care to join me?

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  1. Katie

    The above is a link to the original video that inspired your idol.

    Gwen Verdon leads (she was Bob Fosse's wife)


    Nes Rotstein

    (I'm Emily's husband, friends of Trina and David)