I know, I know: I have been gone more than "a couple days".  But you are just going to have to wait a little while longer for new posts so I can finish whipping these final papers into submission (or maybe they are whipping me? It's hard to tell at this point).  In the meantime do yourself a favor and check out the blog Fuck You, Penguin: a hilarious blog where cute animals are "told what's what".  Still need convincing?  Click on the image above to sneak a peak at one of my favorite posts.  I mean really, who do Red Pandas think they are?

UPDATE: I literally have to stop reading Fuck You, Penguin entries right now because they are making me laugh so loud in the library that people are starting to stare.  Maybe I have reached the point of delirium or maybe, just maybe, the idea of swearing at absolutely adorable animals is comic genius.  Helpful hint: read this somewhere you can laugh out loud and not be looked at like you are three final paper pages from the deep end.

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