Yesterday I re-found the Ellsworth Kelly postcards I bought at the MoMA Color Chart exhibition this spring.  Gorgeous!  If you didn't get to see the show, do yourself a favor and go check out the online exhibition (it makes me feel bad for those 7 to 10% of men with color blindness, or as my friends joke "people who can't see shapes").  Then today, while researching my paper on Robert Rauschenberg, Kelly came up again!  This time for his use of "ready-made" colors - colors inspired by a gum-paper notebook bought in a Parisian stationery store.  They're like caffeine for the eyes!

the goods, all by Kelly, from top to bottom: 
"Spectrum of Colors Arranged By Chance 2" 
"Study of 64 Panels for "Colors for Large Wall"
"Spectrum of Colors Arranged By Chance"

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