I just discovered these two insanely useful and very cool websites: Mint.com and Wikitravel.  Mint.com is a FREE online money management service that will link up all your bank accounts (in five minutes!) and proceed to track and itemize all of your spending.  No more hiding from that the latte addiction - Mint.com will remind you exactly how much you spend at Starbucks each month, year etc.  Truly a fabulous website for persistently poor people like me (Damn you non-profits and school tuition!  Damn you!) who always mean to keep a detailed budget but somehow can never manage it.  All FREE!  (And their graphs are pretty!)

Also incredible is an offshoot of the ever amazing wiki - Wikitravel.  Type almost anyplace in the world and you are guaranteed a bevy of information on fun outings (I bet if you type in your city you will find new things to do), accommodations, food and getting there details.  An awesome place to research my wish list trip to Greece . . . All, obviously, also FREE.  Wow, free tastes good.

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