Maybe it's my Grandfather's philatelic (stamp collecting) spirit getting to me, but I kind of have a thing for well designed stamps.  It KILLS ME to slap a gaudy American flag stamp of a piece of mail - letter, bill or otherwise.  Particularly because I design stationery and love to write letters (emails are so boring) these sets of stamps make pretty happy:
  1. Eames, pane of 16, $6.72 (gorgeous stamps to show off gorgeous designs!  Available next week or for preorder now!)
  2. Marvel Comics Superheroes, pane of 20, $8.20 (these need some extra $ but are too fun to pass up)
  3. State Flags, roll of 50, $21 (a sophisticated, clean design for your classy mailings - plus the CT stamp is great!  USPS repping my home state!)

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