Good news for all you chicken-scratchers and chronic emailers!  My handwriting, aptly titled "Obsessive Light", has just been made into an electronic font and is available for purchase at a nominal fee here at my online store!  For only $4.50 you can be the owner of this font file and have the freedom to personalize your e-correspondence and design.  I know some people who are a bit insecure about their illegible handwriting - grab 'Obsessive Light' and pass off typed letters and invitations as hand-written!

Not into hand-written fonts but like to stir things up with your TPS Reports?  How About Orange referred me to this amazing site where you can download more than 40 beautifully designed fonts FOR FREE!  Now using the horrendous Times New Roman (shudder) is no longer excusable!

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  1. your blog has become too addictive. i just spent 30 minutes looking at fonts... yikes!