This morning several small, but exciting things occurred that made my previously sniffly outlook decidedly more hopeful.  They are as follows:
  1. The afternoon turned unexpectedly sunny and warm here in Boston, blowing a fresh breeze through my windows.  Bring on spring!
  2. I found out my Adobe Design Suite Software has arrived!  New business cards, website banners and promo cards are soon to come . . . 
  3. At Whole Foods I bought a bunch of daffodils (photographed above in a nook in my apartment) and some delicious Peach/Mango/Orange juice.  That means lots of tasty orange/yellow in my living room!
  4. Last both not least: I got into the Art History PhD program at the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU!  I am very honored and excited!  
It is amazing how a series of happy little things can turn your outlook around.   I hope today brings you your own smile-worthy events . . . 

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