It's official! The hard-drive on my computer has died. Humperdink 2.0 is now the Tin Man of the electronics world: he has no heart! He is getting a new hard-drive (and a 60 GB upgrade!) over the next week, so posts will be sporadic until then. Let's all keep Humperdink 2.0 in our prayers.

A little treat, then, to tide you over until the next post: John Casey! John does very cool, though slightly frightening, drawings and sculptures of "fictitious human morphology", a concept which he discusses in a section of his website cheekily titled "excuses". Not only is his artwork cool, but he also writes a very cool blog called "If you can't make it good, make it big". In his blog he discusses a show featuring my favorite artist (and former professor) Barbara Takenaga! If he knows about Barbara he achieves automatic cool-dom. More about Barbara will have to come on another day. Until then, enjoy John . . . .

Above image: John Casey "expectations"

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