So I am home sick today (stupid sore throat ruining my food service) and am contenting myself with researching "GoldenStash": a street artist here in Boston that I have recently seen everywhere!  The first photo (top left) was taken by me at the corner of Commonwealth and Fordham St. in Allston.  The remaining photos I found in the GoldenStash Flickr album here.  Interested in finding out more?  I also found a video piece on GoldenStash, done by the Boston Pheonix, here.  Since I have long wanted to start stickering myself, I am using GoldenStash as my Boston inspiration and will keep photographing his work whenever I come across it.

I have recently encountered a couple of really great pieces of street art and have decided to post a semi-regular "Boston Underground" segment.  Consider this volume 1.

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