Look no farther . . . baby, I'm back, yeah . . . I'm here to cater to you!  The obsessive imagist blog is finally back in action now that Humperdink 2.0's little stay in the hospital is over!  And to kick off my triumphant return, I would like to introduce you to a little section of the Kate Spade website called "behind the curtain".  Behind the curtain gives the viewer a sneak peak into all the cool, chic, design-y things that make Kate Spade great.  Featuring sections like "projects", "events", and "things we love", the website could easily engender hours of fun: galavanting to other sites for gifting goodies, watching cute videos, and ogling the smooth elegant design of the site as a whole.  The first three photos above are of the "2008 agenda project".  The following two are photos of the project "kate spade editions" (a series of small-run flip books, art books and more) and the section "things we love".  All in all worth a couple hours of your web-surfing time.  (It's good to be back).

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